Thursday, February 23, 2006

Drugged up

I took the 20$ pill yesterday to break the back of this stupid headache. It seems like it worked but I can feel the rebound headache ready to strike.
For the record I am blaming the pitiful excuse for singing and performing that was on AI last night.

A few notes to the guys..
Sing anything Michael Jackson related, I think of him when you sing his songs, think about it.
sing Barry Manilow.
attempt to dance
give us a fake grin
dress like a pimp
pretend to be the original singer
admit to singing kareoke
and .....
never think these rules don't apply to you beacuse your'e sooo good

Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend wrap up.

So the headache continued into Saturday, which was OK cause it ended overnight and Sunday was an awsome day.
Hun and I babied each other like crazy and we treasured every single minute. (As it should be.)

We attempted to go to the movies on Saturday night BUT there was a line up out the door just to get tickets and it was -14 out. So we parked, investigated and went out for dinner instead. On Sunday we went to go see Eight Below. The movie was great, the dogs were fantastic and Paul Walker was perfect in the lead human role.

In really boring news, I did my taxes so hopefully my refund check is around the corner.