Thursday, February 02, 2006

Food. mmmmm

Here is a list of my top ten of foods. You can read into it what you like.

1) Mahi Mahi, baked dukes style. It has a subtle flavour that I crave on an almost yearly basis.
2) Lucky charms. Sweet and crunchy.
2) Cinnamon toast, butter. cinnamon, bread. Nuff said
3)Good french fries, not the double coated battered kind. (Mc Donalds or Jerseys), when reg carbs won't do and you need faty carbs!
4) Pizza crust with tomatoe sauce.
5) Cinnamon buns
6) A good burger
7 ) Smooth lump free mashed potatoes
8) Cherios, though I eat them every day so I'm a bit ambivalent about them.
9) Diet coke. Another everyday food I cannot live without
10) Arby's Roast beef sandwich with Arby's sauce. The sauce makes the sandwich.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mutli Media

I like CBC radio 1. Does that make me old? Or just smart?
I also love American Idol. Does that cancel the first comment out?
I still love The Block. It's mindless and it's entertaining.
I love Quicken. It's keeping me sane. Finances are almost balanced.
Nothing on Itunes interested me yesterday. That is surprising.
Survivor starts tonight and I may actually watch.
I really love reading the Saturday newspaper.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Agh times infinity
I screwed up yesterday and undid all of my coworkers budgeting work.
I asked for help from the experts and made the fixes.
I re-run the reports and what do I find????


I take no blame for this one.. just tell me how to get it fixed so that we have no more mistakes.
I feel naked

Being on the beach in Hawaii made me feel naked. All around me guys were wearing multiple tattoos most of them really cool. I'd been itching to get another one and this has just re-sparked my interest. I want a fairly big one this time so it will cost a lit more and take a bigger time commitment in the chair, so it will take some planning and savings I'm sure.
I'm thinking af a big tat on my back or my upper arm to start off with.

Surprisingly, not many piercings in Hawaii.

Living in Hawaii for a couple weeks was awsome and got us thinking about what it would be like to live in warmth 365 days a year.

Speaking of Hawaii, I spent less than I did last year so that's something at least.

ciao for now, M

Monday, January 30, 2006

Boy on a Budget

Yes.. Once again I am a boy on a budget.
I've got my excel spreadsheet going and have figured out a debt reduction plan and everything.
Now that I'm back from vacation, It's just a matter of keeping my spending down to appropriate levels.
Oh!.. two more car payments left! Woohooo!