Tuesday, January 10, 2006


3 more car payments
3 more weeks of vacation left to book (Oz)
4 more sleeps till we are on a plane to Maui
7 and a bit months till my birthday
2 more days till pay-day!
and 9 hours till I see Hun.

Here's a poll for you.. should I write a Hawaii journal?
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Monday, January 09, 2006

I've been in the job 3 years. So now, I'm getting restless. I need to buy something new for a living. I look at the job sites and think, "I can do that!". Then I wonder if I can do that with a 15% pay cut and decide against it.
I got headhunted for a US job last week which I said no to this week. To far and no money.
I applied for a few jobs last week that are closer to home so that I can effectively make more money. Hun agrees that this solution is probably for the best.
Being an adult sucks, though the adult activites like drinking and sex make up for it. (Yes I'm horny and Hun is to blame)

I'm also restless cause Hun and I are flying out on Saturday morning for Hawaii, Maui specifically. I am ordering a few tropical drinks and we are both going to relax and de-stress.

My packing is nearly done. House is somewhat clean. All I really need to do is stay caught up on chores and get the finances taken care of. Oh baby Tessa a whole lot. (Kitty).

I'm also restless cause I need to start eating better and pick up the excersie. That is hard since I am also quite lazy.