Thursday, January 05, 2006


1) Will I be getting a cat?

Well I already kinda have one. Hun has a cat and she stays with me fairly often and on weekends. Hun had two cats but Puddles, the male cat passed away right before Christmas. He had kidney and liver problems and had to be put down before he was in too much pain. We are sort of undecided about getting another cat at the moment as we don't wan't any new cat to be a replacement to the old one. It's hard when you lose a pet as they are a member of the family. So the short answer is no, no new kitties. Maybe in the future.

2) Where are we planning to go in Austrailia?
I don't really know. Some of the big cities like Sydney but beyond that we have no firm plans. It will most likely be a two week trip over Christmas and New Years. We want to get a feel for Oz and see if it's a cool place or not. Oh and Wine country. No hikes, no camping. Pretty sure on that. Sorry Gary. (oh and start posting on your blog!)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The resolutions...

The resolutions are pretty basic this year, but here they go...

1) Pay off debt.
2) Read more or cut back on book purchases. I'm adopting a 'one in one out' policy.
3) Eat heathier.
4) Don't buy frivolous things. Like what you ask? Hmm. T-shirts I don't need, magazines I never read, food I never eat & treats like starbucks oatmeal fudge cookies I definetly don't need.
5) Call and/or vist the folks at least once a week, even if I don't have anything to talk about with them.
6) Vacation more. This year.. Hawaii, South Africa & Australia
7) Don't sweat the mortgage. It will get paid off when it gets paid off.
8) Swim at LEAST twice a week.