Thursday, May 04, 2006

This post is about nothing.

I have a whole bunch to say...

  • I need to eat better. I will. It will just be small steps.
  • I fired the maids. Hun and I can do the work ourselves and save 150$ a month in the process.
  • I have to visit the gym I want to join. As soon as I join and pay the money I'll go all the time.
  • I must swim more.
  • That bedroom isn't painting itself!
  • I panic about finances.
  • I have multi vitamins, I might as well use them.
  • I also worry. Too much. Way too much.
  • I worry about Hun all the time.
  • I've been having trouble sleeping ever since I got the new job. It's slowly getting better but I feel tired by 9. (see the note about eating and exercise, bound to help this)
  • My reading has suffered, so I must read more.
  • I must watch TV less. Unless there is something I want to watch on, I should turn it off.
  • This week I have to get the car detailed so I can take a picture of it and get it sold.
  • I'm worried about the cats getting along. I bet they can sense it. I love them both so much even the boy when he talks a lot.


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