Thursday, May 11, 2006

Getting stuff done.

I have to buy my mom something for Mom's day. She needs for nothing and wants for very little. I may get her some garden stuff and try and help out more.

I am starting to make a habbit of getting to swim parctice. Admitedly, not to every practice and not to full practice but it's a start.

Tess and Lancer are doing ok. They spend 7am to 10pm together in the same house and have been doing so since Saturday. No fur fights. No blood. Just a bit of hissing and growling.
I have to start letting the boy out at night. He's a talker so I'm worried about getting to sleep and staying that way. Tess is quite respectfull and will not cry unless you open your eyes. Heck she even leaves the room when Hun and I get it on!

The car has appeared in the Magazine & I got my first call!


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