Monday, May 01, 2006

Cat Tales

A little update.
Tess was highly offended with Lancer on Friday. He approached, she hissed and growled. Neither would give up. He was also highly smelly the first few days and to top it off he decided peeing on the curtains and carpet would help establish himself. It was obvious that letting them loose was not going to make it all better, so we changed tactics.

Now he stays in his safe room. (He has food, water, light, a place to climb, blankets and a fresh litter box.)
When we take him out of the room, we carry him to where we want him to be. He can only move freely if he is separated from her by another floor. When they are on the same floor, he sits with me or Hun and snuggles.

We hope that this will..
  • Show him he is loved.
  • Show Tess we are protecting her.
  • Give her a chance to see, hear & smell him.
  • Make her curious about what he is about.
  • and finally to save mine and Hun's sanity.

In the meantime I am cleaning curtains and Febreezing carpets and couches to minimize all cat smells.

Give it till next Friday and he will get more freedom.


Blogger lifeonhold said...

That looks like a plan!

I'll enjoy following the journey.

12:19 PM  

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