Friday, November 25, 2005

Having trouble finding decent tomatoes? Me too.
Romaine Lettuce
Hun & I found Romaine Lettuce that is pre washed, pre selected with only the best leaves. Pricey?? Oh Yeah.. but pretty and easy.
Boston Pizza
It's our new favorite restaurant. Hun has the Chicken Chapolte salad and I have the Thai chicken salad with a sugary drink. It's casual. It's comfortable. It plays the hockey game.
We go so often, they know us now!

Oh & I have a bit of a cold. Really sore throat that has manifested in the sexiest growly voice.
I feel a bit run down but ok.
And get this, I bought two new toys.. A steam cleaner and a humidifier. The shower needs to be steam cleaned and Hun and I are having dryness issues. Hun's eyes are incredibly dry and my skin is flaking like crazy so the humidifier should help to turn these situations around.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My finances.
Hmm. I'm going to Hawaii so they are good. Could they be better? Yep. Do I care at this point? Not really. I can take that special someone out for dinner all the time(Hi hun!), buy books ,food and everything else needed for life and still have the total amount I owe go down every month, so I'm not sweating it.
I am doing smarter things lately like buying phone plans and subscribing to magazines instead of buying them every month.

The Block
Oh Man do I love this show.
May I present Kristen & Jason. Jason is wee and likes to wear a speedo. Admitedly he does have the body for it. Kirsten is crazy and every week I get to see her sanity slip away. Good times.
Richard and Steven... the coolest

My strange neighbors
J is moving. I'm guessing the payments on the porshe and his declining drug business have cut into his income. He's moving in with Mom.
Frick and Frack on the other side of me are also moving. They left it to the last minute, under priced the house to get out of it quick and devalued my property at the same time.
And get this? They aren't married! I thought they were. Hun always thought he was gay. We could never imagine them in bed together anyways. She could crush him!
oh that was bad.