Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I have lots going on and lots of things that I can talk about so I'll sumerize so I don't forget..

The West Wing
My wonderful house
My new favorite beverage
My finances.
The Block
My strange neighbors
Romaine Lettuce
Boston Pizza
My new work ethic.
My taste in movies and music.

The trip is booked. Flights are done. Hotels are booked. All that needs to be done is to book the rental car and build a base tan. I have resolved to do one thing in Hawaii this time.. visit the nude beach and actually be nude as well! (last time I chickened out)Now I just need to work out consitently so I have no excuses not to do it.

The West Wing
I don't care who wins, Santos or Vinick, they are both better than the guy you have in there right now. (And I'm not talking about Bartlet)
Wow, what an entertaining hour of TV. Much better than TARFE. Oh and speaking of TAR, Best season ever? Season 2. I love Oswald. There I said it. (Sorry hun)