Thursday, October 27, 2005

What's up Mike?

Well, work is busy but good. We are making the last gasp towards preparing for the HOLLIDAY season. Lots on my plate. I've taken to calling 6-30 minute meetings every day just to keep everyone in the loop and up to date on the race to December.

I think we will have to book the hotel portion of the Hawaii trip this weekend. The hotwire prices are climbing. IF my credit card can take it.

I have Friday off, save for a meeting I must attend before lunch. No big deal, I get to sleep in.

I've been without a daily newspaper for at least 6 months now and I really miss it. I don't generally 'watch the news' as it tends to get a bit sensational. I will watch Coop. He's cool, different and funny.

On Saturday, we are going to a show and staying in the city. It's like a mini vacation!

oh .....and the Block is on tonight for you folks living in Canada.

Lately I've been feeling strange,
Maybe it's cause of my wicked ways,
It's all sounding wrong for me in my head.
Here comes another one...