Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How awkward
Getting to Hawaii is usually a joy.
Step 1
Arrive at airport. Stand in line. Listen to Bridezilla as she goes off on the ticket agent beacuse she, the bride, neglected to pre select seats. Bride sits at front of plane groom at back. I think he's secretly happy to have alone time.
Step 2
Wait in boarding lounge for 2 hours while the bride trys to con the gate agent to give her better seats close to the groom. I try to ignore her and read.
Step 3
Board plane. Everyone trys to bring in 2 carry-ons and the overhead bins fill up. (People always pack too much going to the islands of Aloha). I grab my seat and try to fall asleep. Bride continues to bargain with attendants and passengers alike to trade seats to get her closer to the groom.
Step 4
After plane takes off, I fall asleep, dinner is served and I skip it. Maybe there is a movie but usaully some technical problem prevents the video from being shown and we get to watch canned programs. Everybody Loves Raymond.
Step 5
I wake up and get impatient to land.
Step 6
We the first stop..not Hawaii.

more later...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Round up!

I've booked the flights to Hawaii. Just under 1000$ per person. Quite a deal.
We've dedcided that Hotwire is the way to go in order to get the best possible hotel deal. As long as you stick to a geographic region that is very tight, you can guess really well which hotels they are.
I think I'm getting a new boss soon at work.
I'm still addicted to The Block.
Work has calmed down to a managable level right now.It's amazing how a few big projects off your plate can help.
I'm on a spending freeze to save for Hawaii. It's ok, since most of the books I ordered have allready been shipped!