Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I love getting the wierd comment spam.

Dear Mellisa,
I understand you are short of money and feel that the 10 people that read my blog would be good to hit up for money, but trust me we are not. We are cheap. real cheap.
If you need to raise money fast, may I suggest selling your computer?


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Random thoughts...

I'm really liking The West Wing lately. Could there be any more stars on the show? I love the manic energy. It reminds me of work.
How can you tell it's the second Tuesday of the month? I'm cleaning my house. The maids are coming tomorrow.
Lucky Charms are great comfort food.
Snuggling in front of the fire is awsome. Keep in mind I had to open all the windows to make it cool enough in my house to do so.
I have enough Thanksgiving leftovers for two meals not just one!
Planning to go to Hawaii is lots of fun. Going there with the one you love, promises to be much more fun.
I'm addicted to the tv show 'The Block'
Hockey is back eh! *pronounced Hackey*