Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's surprising how a coffee table makes a house feel like a home.
It makes me feel all grown up and acomplished.
Next on the list is an entertainment center and then barstools.
Maybe this one is better.
I might as well spend money on home stuff since the price of gas makes me think twice about going out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blogging Reloaded.
BB is over, and from the review in today's USA Today, the Amazing Race Family Edition is not that amazing.
That's ok though, I do have a stack of books a good two feet tall that I could read. Some really awesome books in the stack too and I'm on my third book in 1 week. Pretty amazing feet.

I seem to have latched onto watching reality/home reno shows lately........two of my favs...

The Block (spoiler alert if you click on the link since they are wayyyyyyy ahead of us )
Ausie show, 4 couples, 1 quadplex in disrepair/bare bones, on a budget. Couples must complete a room a week for prizes and must agree on common areas. The couple that gets the best price at auction wins 100g's and a chunk of the profits. It's on cable here, who knows where in your neck of the woods. The accents are awesome!
Flip This House
One company, many employees. The goal, flip a house for maximum profit.
Where do the houses come from? The court, or the dearly departed.
Entertaining if you don't think about where the previous families are now.