Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Canadian Idol Review
1)Amber sang Just like Jesse James by Cher. She is talented and she sang it well BUT there was no excitement. It was just blah. Cher tears it up. Amber did not.
Can I tell you CI is really boring this year? Yes it is. Oh dear god, Michael Flatly is back!
2) Rex is singing Every Breath You Take by the Police. They did a concert in my hometown as they were making it really big. Tickets were cheap and it litterally shut down my town. My town has yearly waterfront festivals and every once and a while, they bring in talented groups. Rex's version by the way?.. mediocre. And Rex? Get a tan!
3)Oh.. I chanel surfed and missed Cassey. No loss I think
4) Daryl. Hmm Tainted love? I'm waiting for his voice to change. I may be waiting a while. He can hit the high notes though. Bleh. Zach will hate this. True enough he did. This kid is wierd. Really. Wierd.
5) Suzi. Pat Benetar Heart breaker. She looks like she is in pain. But the song.. not bad.
6) Aaron. Working for the Weekend. Loverboy. This is a big guy and he is bouncing around on stage. Good for him, he did a good job.
7)Josh. Josh needs to fix his hair. Phil Colins In the air tonight. Josh needs sun but he can perform and sing.
8) Some girl whos been in the bottom 3 two weeks ina row sings Hero by that woman. Oh her name is Mellisa and the other woman is idonno

Who to pick?
Josh & Mellisa, maybe Daryl cause he's strange or Amber cause she has a voice.
I got a bit fed up over the weekend. As you have read, I have really been under the weather.
I just felt like I have been letting myself go and not really acting my age.
So... I cut my hair off. It was chin length all around and now it is not.