Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's Wednesday and my morning has got off to a bad start.

The week of Mother's day, I phoned the local florist in my mom's neighborhood and ordered some flowers for her, paying by credit card over the phone.The florist, made a mistake and charged me $1060 instead of $60. They realized they made the mistake and attempted to reverse the charges but made it worse by charging me another $1060. They thought they had fixed it and then charged me the proper amount of 60$. So when all was said and done I was charged $2120 extra.

When I got my May credit card statement I imediately called the florist and they said they would investigate and call me back the same day. They never called me back, and I had to call them the next day at which point they told me that they had sucessfully reversed both $1060 charges and it would appear in my statement in a few days as it was a manual transaction.

Cue to this morning. I got my June statement and the charges were not reversed. So now on top of the 2160$, I also have 108$ in interest charges. Nice huh?

Today no more Mr Nice guy.
My patience has run out

ETA: I called the florist and I swear they have call display or something since they have not picked up the phone once or returned my calls. I finally got through at 10:50 after trying for over an hour. The woman who handled the suposed reversal was not there. In the meantime I decided I cannot wait for them to take some action or try to take some action for the second time. I called Visa. I disputed the charges. That will take 30-45 days for the reversal to happen but at least it will happen. The interest should be reversed as well.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I am officially on tenderhooks. What will happen at work tomorrow? Who knows.
I have my house clutter put away. The maids come tomorrow.
The throat is better as long as I take my allergy meds every day.
I will swim tomorrow barring bad work stuff.
I want a kitten.

Hugs and kisses to those who need em.