Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I think I've figured out that my sore throat is caused by alergies and polution/smog. After about the 5th day of taking alergy meds, I started to feel better. The trick is to remember to keep taking them.
If not, I'm back at square one..
Fashion notes from the train...
1) Beards must be trimmed guys. If you don't trim your beard, you are a slob.PS- beard does not make you look thin or young.
2) Fanny packs are not attractive on businessmen.
3) Shoulder pads are still out ladies. Just in case you thought they were making a comeback.
4)Blackberry holsters on your belt tell everyone you are a geek. It does not say you are important, it just says you think you are.
5) Running shoes and mini skirts may be comfortable, but not fashionable.
I have a really busy week this week, starting this morning.
I have to deal with my big bosses, something I do not like to do. One of my co-workers, who is liked, will step in to help I'm sure. They like to think I will drop everything to solve an unfixable problem. I also now only have 3 days left to polish off another performance review and edit another one.

In BB6 news, I have subscribed to Real and had the feeds running yesterday. 3Xfish and 1 shot of the new backyard, with a round pool. It looks like the camera guy was setting up the automated cameras on the roof.
I must pimp Hamster Time.
There done.