Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Tuesday kids. The temps have fallen a bit and it's a bit more comfortable for those with and without AC.
I have officially worked myself into a frenzy about stuff I need to do again......

1) Finish Perfomance appraisals of two staff.
2) Paint my spare room. The tape has been on the wall at least six weeks.
3) Catch up on my finance papers
4) Check withn the post office to see where my new books went. Yes, I caved and ordered more. it was a good run
5) Work out on my home gym religiously. No excuses.
6) Make more workouts, even the outdoor swims.
7) Plant the plants I bought last Saturady, though that one may get done for me! hehehe
8) Visit my Dad on Sunday
9) Go to Bufffalo for a clothes buying expidition. Booked for Saturday.

Monday, June 13, 2005

So, I am reallly sleepy. I've eaten well today, slept decently, but not great. The one different thing is the soupy air that the greater Toronto area is living under. Yuck, blech and ew.
I have a few things at work that I am putting off. Performance reviews and forecasting. Boring stuff but needed. As soon as I write my two performance reviews, I get my own done. Cross your fingers folks that I cross from five to six figures.
I am taking the folks out for early Father's day and Mom's B-day dinner tonight. Belinis all around!

Want a laugh? http://www.rachelgetsfruity.com/flash.html
It's semi work appropriate since it's a public service anouncement. But probably should be viewed behind closed doors. BTW, she is Rachel from S Club 7.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

There seems to be a blogging drought and I am also caught up in it. Nothing in the news interests me enough to talk about, nothing in my life, no funny stories, zip.
So here I sit on a sunday morning, hungry but to lazy to get my ass off the couch to eat. It's too warm already to go for a run (humidex of 34 )and I am undecided about making practice. (Usually that means I won't go, but you never know.)
I really want to watch Sideways but have to wait until next week.
Right now it's raining. Blech. So after the rain it will get even more humid and hot.
And hey! Lookie at the TV! The backstreet boys have a new song out. Pretty good. Well they certainly like to overact in these videos.
OK the hunger is driving me to the kitchen.