Friday, June 10, 2005

To my fellow co-workers,

It was me, I admit it. When we all had a friday treat of popsicles I managed to wolf down 3 and a half of them. It may have been the sugar. It may have been the artificial pink colour that drew me to them, but yes it was me. I am a pig. A skinny pig, but a pig.
In my defense, there were 2 for every person and while some were pondering the calories, I was scarfing them down. The .5 of one was given to me by my boss who felt I was deserving of the 50 calories more than she was. It pays to be skinny.

your friend,

Now, for those who don't know me and have not seen me in the speedo or fully undressed, I do have muscles on my frame and I have been told I look quite good.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

You ever get energized at work. When everything just clicks and you seem to be firing on all cylinders? That's me for the past 2 and a bit weeks. It's been crazy, but a good crazy. I get all nagging, dicatorial and efficient, but damm do things run smooth. In Star War terms, I am the evil empire.
I am not excersing as much as I would like to. I need that to change if I want more muscles.
I am really becoming addicted to Canadian Idol. The singers are personable. The judges good.
And the best part?? Canadian Idol shows the singers singing. Wierd concept I know. I have no favorite and I will be voting.
It's stinking hot here but I will not complain because we get brutal winters and complain about those. I hate to whine.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I made it back from the north. Friday and Saturday were ok for weather. It pelted rain on Sunday morning first thing up north but it was fine at home. Had a great dinner. Steak was awsome.
It is really warm now. Bout damm time. Hopefully the AC at work is turned on.
As I type this I am watching Ocean's 12 on PPV. Very good second time through.