Saturday, May 07, 2005

Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Not much to say about this movie except don't go.
The first 30 minutes were ok, that's cause I was tipsy. As I sobered up it got worse.
Don't spend you money. Walk away, go see anything else.

Seeing as how this is my decompress weekend, I'm not going to obsess about it and let it ruin a nice afternoon. I'm going to nap instead!
Hey kids, the weekend is in full swing and I'm in decompress mode.

~~On the way home, I was caught in traffic, so I pulled off the road and went to the movies. I saw The Upside of Anger. It was very good and very well acted by all in it.
~~It's raining at the moment but its ok.
~~I am currently camped out on the couch vegging, watching Glimore Girls alternating to CBC Business news. You got, it I am stange.
~~Wasting time is a good thing.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday is here.
It's the weekend and you have 72 hours to play with, so go ahead and make something of it!
I know I'm one for putting a list together and stroking each and every item off it, but this ain't one of those weekends.I have a vauge idea of what I want to do, but beyond that I'm playing it by ear. I am going to do one thing completely out of character though, maybe you should too. I'll tell you about mine later.
I took the train yesterday cause my headache was too bad to drive. I luckily had the ipod with me because 'guy who never shuts up' was on my train. Enough said on that subject, you get the drift.
And on a very self-help note, here is my advice for the day.Compliment someone. Do it often. See how it goes. Tell your partner they are sexy, comment on someones hair, tell someone that they look like they've lost weight.You will make them smile and karma is a boomerang you know.
I'm still looking for that elusive portable, moderate paying job that doesn't involve selling my body (it's already be given away). If you hear of it, let me know.
Hugs and Kisses

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Almost there.Don't give up hope folks, Friday is nearly here.

~~Irish oatmeal is the best. It's a bitch to cook and it takes 30 minutes, but it's very good for you. (It has a high GI index). Add cinamon & rich brown sugar. I need the carbs, so sue me.
~~Getting hit on in the street is ego boosting even if I will never act on it (I am taken). (3 times in the span of 2k, not that I'm counting!)
~~I have officially lost interest in American Idol.

~~Headaches are not fun.
~~Everybody go and buy Mom a little token of your love. Sunday is gonna get here really quick!
~~My staff are all sensitive this week. I don't know if it's me rubbing off on them or them rubbing off on me.
~~Getting checks in the mail is fun! I just wish they were a bit bigger.It's payday today though. It's spoken for though. You name it.. Mortgage, waterheater, gas, Visa. Yeah that about does it.
~~How many people think that this whole Laura Bush thing just happened? That was totally scripted. Don't be fooled, it's designed to make George Bush look more human and a man of the people.

Hugs all around to those who need em. Lord knows I do.
Don't you wish it was Friday? Me too!

--Its a production to go out in the burbs. There are nice restaurants and bars, but they are all too far away from my house. I would like to go out and have a good time, which involves having a few bevies. It leaves me with three choices, 1) I take the car and have one drink or 2) I go with a friend who must be the dd, or 3) I take a cab for 20$. It's on nights like those I would rather live in the city.

--Work is ok so far this week. It's quiet and I'm getting some things done. Part of my job though is to MANAGE. Musn't forget that.
--The left side of my face breaks out more than the right side. What's up with that?? I'm not 15 anymore, so how bout the zits stop coming alltoegther? I wash, I cleanse, I moisturize. What more can I do?

--A friend of mine got headhunted to work with me at my company. I told her flat out, the circumstances that led to the last guy leaving. It's only right.

--On Saturday, I'm going to see 'The Upside of Anger'. It comes recomended.

--People with 100% perfect hair bug me. Not a hair out of place. GRRR.

--My ravine is finally starting to see some signs of life other than the squirels. The trees are starting to show some green. Good job Mother Nature.

--I ordered flowers for Mom. They will be delivered tomorrow. Saves the rush on Friday & Saturday AND I know she will be home.

---And finally, my Dad is getting his sight back!!!!!!. My Mom called today and told me the good news. I was REALLY worried.You have NO idea, well one person does. If I dont say it enough, my family despite thier faults, are good people and I love them all.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Welcome to Tuesday folks, enjoy it. If it's gone horribly wrong, just put your head down and try to work through it.
I'm writing this as I'm on the train. Even though I've expressed my hate for the train, it does run mostly on time and it gets me home quicker than driving.

A bunch of stuff....

My diet is going ok, but you don't need to hear about it every day. I'll just e-mail it to my coach/love of my life and get feedback in private. It turns out yesterday I ate a bit too much. This is a learning process, so I learn and do better today. I will tell you I forgot my avo again today. I think I have enough to eat that it won't matter

It's the second last episode of The Amazing Race on tonight and I do hope the old folks come last. To be honest though, they could all win and I'd be happy.

American Idol has become a joke this year and I am just waiting for Canadian Idol to start right after. Auditions were in TO a few weeks back and they have publicly said while the crowds are smaller, the talent is better.

I feel sorry for the people who get on my train at the last stop. The NEVER get a seat. I question why they do it. If I couldn't sit, I would never ride.

I am becoming more diligent about my finances. I am logging my receipts so I know where I stand. I just hate getting surprises in the mail box.

My Dad had his surgery last Thursday for a cataract and he has not gotten all of his sight back yet. I can tell he's worried about it and so am I. The doctor has said it takes time in some people so I will wait.

The labor negotiations at work are really dragging. I want it to be settled, cause they seem to forget that management have lives too. I have places to go, people to see.

I am at the 2 & 1/2 year mark in my job and it is the most political work environment I have ever worked in. Don't feel too bad for me, they pay well.

A call will be placed to a florist today and order some flowers to deliver to my Mom on Thursday. I recommend that everyone thinks ahead for this holiday.

My bosses, save the 2nd in command, are out of the office until Friday. This is good for me unless the second in command goes nuts. It's been known to happen. Not 10 minutes into work he went nuts. Big surprise.

It's payday on Thursday, but it's also week the credit card is due, so when all is said and done I will have a couple hundred left to pay down my demand loan. In 6 weeks, I max out on some taxes, so my pay will go up 100$ a week.

Music: Dirty Laundry, Lisa Marie Presley
Work Project: Keep working on forecasting.
Home project: Spend more than 5 minutes making dinner & learn how to tie a Windsor knot.
Outlook: upbeat

Monday, May 02, 2005


Breakfast, 6am:4 egg whites, 1 egg ,1 tall iced tea, 1 banana
Snack 8am:1 oatmeal to-go bar
Snack 10:30am: piece of cheese
Lunch, noon: Chicken Teriyaki & pepppers with whole wheat pasta., rasp yogurt & an avacodo!
Snack 3pm: 1 apple & 1 banana
Dinner 6pm: Hamburger with bacon, spinach salad w tomatoe (the bun was white bread, I'm using what I have, I also used the second last frozen burger.)
Snack 8pm: 1/2 lb Strawberries & vanilla yougurt

I also ran for 30 minutes.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


I am skinny. Toothpick legs, my face is a bit too hollow. I exercise. I swim, I run, I lift. I do eat, just not enough to add muscle. Sometimes my laziness gets the better of me. I am 5'10 and 139 lbs. I should weigh closer to 160. I want it to be muscle this time though rather than a fat gut. The solution.. I keep working out.. But eat MORE. Not more crap, more healthy food.

Breakfast, 6am:
4 egg whites, 1 egg ,1 heaping bowl of cherios ,1 tall iced tea
Snack 10:30am:
1 banana
Lunch1, 1pm:
1/2lb of strawberries ,1 cup of vanilla yogurt
Lunch2, 2:30pm:
Lettuce salad ,1 chicken breast ,1 slice whole grain/whole wheat bread with butter
Dinner 6pm:
Chicken Teriyaki & pepppers with whole wheat pasta.
Snack 8pm:
1 banana

Why am I posting my meals? ...It's a way to keep myself honest and make sure I eat enough.
It also lets my coach make sure I'm on track. (thanks babe)

PS: this is definetly going to mean another trip to the grocery store this week