Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday/Sunday Roundup

1) Done, the paint is latex. Next week I paint the trim.
2) Towels are with the family.
3) Veggie trays are bought and I bought groceries so I can make lunches next week on Sunday.
4) The dozen wine glasses are tossed in the trash.
5) TV moved from my bedroom to the basement.

6) Cheapy IKEA chair is now down in the basement as well.
7) I was at the swim meet by 8am ,I gave my donation of food. My donation of time was not needed, so I was sent home. Had I brought the speedo with me I could have swam.
8) The dress shirts are washed & ironed. Saved 10 bucks
9) I bought the Il Divo CD.
10) I also got a massage by Phil Saturday morning. Surprisingly enough he noticed my back was in knots. Could it be stress? hahahahahha! (At least I can laugh about it)

In the longer term...
1) I have to start eating out of my cupboards. I have a shite load of food.
2) If I leaned towards dumping the expensive cable at this point it would save 15$ a month. Thats 180$ a year. It's probably better at this point to keep it around.
3) I have to book my car in to get some service done.
4) Singapore air was called and I have some travel agents in the city.
5) I have a gift certificate from Holts that I need to cash.

Friday, April 29, 2005


I have lots to do, here's the rundown.

1) I have to test a patch of paint on the wall in my spare room. I am scared that it has oil on it & I bought latex. A test is required to see if it peels off after it dries.
2) I have to pack up some towels for my family. I seem to have inherited far too many for any one man who lives alone. Then I have to palm said towels off to my brother and my parents.
3) I have to buy a veggie tray for my swim club's swim meet on Sunday as well as some groceries so I can make lunches next week.
4) I have a dozen wine glasses to toss in the trash. When I moved out of my parents house for the last and final time, they dumped all their spare cutlery & dinnerware on me. They don't want it back & I don't need it.
5) I have to move the TV from my bedroom to the basement.
6) I have to move my cheapy IKEA chair down to the basement as well.
7) The swim meet is at 8am on Sunday and I will be there to give my donation of food and time. (I have to be a timer for 4 hours)
8) I am going to atempt to do my dress shirts myself this weekend(wash & iron). I only have 3 to do and frankly its not that hard. The troublesome shirts with Lycra in them will still go to the cleaners and so will my pants.
9) I will buy the Il Divo CD. Simon Cowell recomends them as does my love. How can you go wrong with recomendations like that?

In the longer term...
1) I have to start eating out of my cupboards. I have a shite load of food.
2) I have to decide if the expensive cable I have is worth it. I dont honestly watch a lot of tv anymore.
3) I have to book my car in to get some service done.
4) I have to call singapore air and get some travel agents in my area.
5) I have a gift certificate from Holts that I need to cash.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ramblings of a hungover man
I was very stressed yesterday. I took the advice of my love and had a few drinks. Two for the record, but they were big and chock full of rum.I had a headache in the morning but I felt damm better.
I can also state beyond a shodow of a doubt that I am very horny when drunk. Lets just leave it a that.
Good thing tomorrow is Friday.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Little things

When you are in love.. you do feel happier.

The worst thing you can do when you get home at night is park your ass on the couch. (It only took me 1 & 1/2 years to learn)

I hate the train and all the people on it.

I own 20 bath towels. A bit much for a someone who lives alone. (Not single though)

I have too much food in my house.

I seem to be the only one who thinks about making profits at my company.

Did I mention how happy I am??

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Binging & Purging

So after 15 years of binging and being the perfect consumer, I have gone through 6 months of purging.
My house is better for it and so am I.
Questions like.. 'Why did I ever need 6 pairs of kahki shorts?' come up a lot.
or... 'Why do I cut out articles out of magazines, only never to look at them again?
or 'Why do I keep books that I will never read again?'

I did a small purge today, just to remind myself that I still have loads of crap to go. I tossed out track pants, sweaters, shirts, magazines(pre cut up) and magazine articles. When you open drawers and dig up stuff that hasn't been touched in two years, you know it's time to let go.

It is liberating in a way I cannot describe.

Oh and did I mention someone stole my blue box!!!
How is it posible to recycle without a blue box?
I am not the most environmentally friendly person to begin with.
This does not help.