Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Resolutions Recycled & Reloaded

As promised, here is my progress.....

1) Eat a vegie a day- religiously
2) Eat a fruit a day- religiously
3) Buy no more hardcover books, soft are cheaper and it will teach me patience. - So far so good
4) Work out 6 days a week. - yes, and I've supplemented swimming and weights with running.
5) Buy no more casual clothes. I have a closets full for three days a week.- so far so good, undies do not count.
6) Realize possessions are meaningless.- easier than I thought, see #7
7) Find love. - done.
8) Pay down that damm mortgage. I owe $50,000 in interest alone.- 800$ so far this year extra paid against the principle
9) Eat no more raw cookie dough or brownie batter. I'm an adult for gods sake.- so far so good!
10) Take care of myself. -With the encouragement of # 7, more than ever.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Casual Sunday

This is probably the best Sunday of all year to go out and do something first thing in the morning. The time change has given people a logical reason to sleep in and you know what they say about the early bird. I was not the early bird. I skipped parctice in the shitty pool and slept in. Lord knows it was needed. Regardless of how much I napped yesterday, I could not keep my eyes open.

I did manage to get my every-other-week massage and pick up my dry cleaning. I also tried and rent Out of Africa. If only soemone hadn't beaten me to it.
It did get me to try something called VOD (Video on Demand). For 24 hours you can rent a movie through cable for $5.49. The first thing I watched was Spiderman 2 (decent) and then I watched Wimbeldon (made me a bit teary) this morning. Just so you don't think I'm a lazy s.o.b., I did paint and hang the canvases I bought on the way back from my massage.