Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Coporate World

The coporate world has no soul. I wish they would just admit it and get on with it. Instead they preach to us about how caring they are. We care about families, we care about your life, we care about you.
The only thing they care about is that you don't let your life interfere with your work.
Didn't you hear? Your work is your life!

When I worked for company A, they hated it when you left 5 minutes early, but always assumed you'd be at your desk an hour before your official start time.

Company B thought that if you left work before 9pm, you were somehow underworked.

I can now see the joy of being your own boss. Setting your own hours and being master of your own destiny. There will still be pressure and stress, but I would ultimately have control.

I'm trying to rack my brain to think of a portable, relatively lucrative field of work where I can be my own boss. If you think of anything, let me know.

Monday, March 28, 2005

I have to go back to work tomorrow!

So this weekend was all about progress. I got lots done. So here goes....

1) I am happier every day.
2) I picked up some CK undies on sale. I still need more but it's a start.
3) I filled away all of my finacial records in old shoeboxes.
4) I went to Ikea and bought & built a chair for my mom.
5) I picked my 88 year old Gran up and took her to Easter Sunday dinner.
6) I put another tall bookcase in the garage for tossing and moved a small bookcase to the spare room.
7) I bought paint for my spare room
8) I bought paint to cover some blank canvases.

My thoughts and prayers for all those in southeast Asia, who have gone through another Tsunami scare. Luckily no big wave so far.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


I JUST finished my first 30 minute run of the year. My heart rate is back to normal & I've stripped off all clothes in an effort to warm down/cool off. I hope to make this a bi-weekly effort and increase the time to 45 minutes by August.

The weekend has gone really well. I had tea with the folks on Friday, and bought some paint on Saturday. Everything except the gas stations, Tim Hortons & the porn shop down the street are closed up tight for Easter Sunday. Monday, I am off to the paint store again to buy a can of primer, as the only paint that is on the walls of the room I want to paint is the original builders white from almost 8 years ago.

In the meantime, in a few hours, I will be off to visit my older brother for Easter dinner.