Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pumped Up

I joined a gym this morning & got some personal training sesions with it. I need to improve technique and this seems the best way. I'm in better shape than 95% of the population, but I want to be better.
I want it to help my swimming in the end.

Oh and one more thing..

Dear Fed Ex,
While I apreciate that you offer great service and you can get packages anywhere in the world, I do not apreciate that you charge a 17$CND premium when you take a package in on a Saturday.
Do I get better service? Oh no. The package would not leave any sooner, and no I cannot leave it there to go out on Monday. It's still a 17$ charge

Perhaps all stores should do this!!! Maybe the grocery store could have a cover charge for the weekends & evenings.

So what did I do, you may ask?
I drove myself over to the post office and sent the package via air mail.
The staff at the Shoppers Drug Mart outlet helped me fill out the forms, recomended options and were more than happy to charge me the everyday rate.
The package won't get there on the specific day, but it will get there and I begrudge doing business with a company that hides this 'premium' charge.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Feast

Appetizer - Who is the one person you email more often than anyone else?
The love of my life, by far.

Soup - So far, which year of your life has been the most enjoyable?
Well, New year's Eve and this year so far. (See above)

Salad - Name someone with whom you have lost touch but would like to reunite.
You know what?? Not a single person, because if they lost touch with me, then we weren't that good friends to begin with. It is a two way street but I will say good friends are hard to find that are not interested in knowing you purely for your networking potential.

Main Course - What was the tastiest meal you had this past week?
Pasta, meat sauce & peppers, Sunday.. then leftovers on Mon/tues

Dessert - Using the letters in your favorite color, write three words that describe your personality.
BLUE....Bold, Utterly honest, Emotional

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Contrary to what you may read, I am not obsesed with money.
I have just realized that it is not unlimited and that it is to be used for good and to make my life better.
So to balance it off, I will tell you that I have donated more to charity this past year than I have my entire life. This is something I will continue. I do very well for myself and need to give something back.
It is more about taking control than anything else.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ripped from the headlines.

There is a rising tide of anti-Canadianism in the US. I am heartbroken. The newsaper also notes that there is anti-Americanism in Canada. Really? No! Who would have guessed?

The Tsunami revealed a lost city off the coast of India when the ocean pulled back before the wave hit. The Tsunami also killed thousands. I would have prefered the city to remain lost. To 'sliver lining' it though, the tsunami also brought the world closer together.

In personal news, I am cost cutting.

Cancelled Real subscription today... savings 15$ a month . I just don't use it.
Another subscription canceled...savings 30$ a month . Same

And those 3 digital bundles that I now down to one ..savings 5$ a month. I don't watch all that much TV beyond the race.

And the National Post.. not needed through the week.. savings 10$ a month. I steal a read from one of my staff. Heheh.

The maid. It's a perc I really enjoy, but only once a month now.. savings 65$ a month. To be honest, I am a lot neater than I used to be. I figure I can keep the bathroom, kitchen and floors relatively tidy myself. 30 minutes of work on my end one Saturday or Sunday a month.

Total...125$ a month, 1500$ per year. That's a plane ticket, almost 3 morgage payments or 3 car payments!

Next up.. Utilities..

Song: Home, Michael Buble
Reading: Murder at Moot Point. Still.
Project: Staffed, no meetings , Mike gets to do PA's!!! Swim.
Words of wisdom: If you are showing love to your fellow human being, you are showing love to your God.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Self important

We think we are hot stuff, the human race. We blame ourselves for everything that goes on. Snow.. we are to blame.
Earthquakes.. somehow, we must have caused it.
Declining animal populations.. we must be to blame, we are greedy messy bastards.

Have we ever considered that this is what nature intended?

The only thing we have only ourselves to blame for is our cruelty to others.

I'm under a bit of snow right now and it just keeps on coming. It's a winter wonderland here if you like that sort of thing. Personally I can do without it.
I have a dental apointment today in the afternoon so I made the call to stay and telecommute from home.
Beyond file my e-mails and look at our mainframe I can delegate & manage, at least temporarily from the comfort of my couch.

Monday, February 28, 2005

If I let You go..

I'm still sad today but hopefull for the future.
My heart is literally in my throat. Yep, I have it bad.
No one said love was easy, but I'm not giving up because it will be tough or hard. That is just not who I am. It comforts me that the one I love wants what is best for me. What's best for me though is spending my life with them. Not walking away.
So I'm patient and hopeful that they will see that too.

If I let you go,
I would never know
what my life would be,
holding you close to me,
Will I ever see,
you smiling back at me,
How will I know,
If I let you go.