Saturday, February 26, 2005

Saturday Night Fever

My Saturday was all about earliness today. Up at 5:30 am, hop in the shower. Talk to the love of my life at 6. Shave. Eat breaky. Read paper. Out the door at 8 to see Phil the amazing massuse. Back in the burbs by 10:30. Grocery shop, damm I spend a lot on food. Make lunch. Pack for tommorow's swim meet. Pack for Monday's pot luck lunch.

That was the extent of my day. I spent the remainder of the day relaxing/napping on the couch. I have 7 events to swim tommorow, so I need my rest.
I swim.. 50 Free. 100 Free, 50,100 & 200Fly plus two relays.
Why did I enter so many events? Well most are short haul sprints. My team needs the points and as sad as it may seem, I am decent enough to contribute to the point totals. I am also in a new age group that may be easier to kick some ass in. The only event that will truely wear me out is 200 fly and also my best shot at winning an event.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Results episode

My presentation went really well. We were a big hit, even on the seventh time through.
I spoke well, didn't screw it up and impressed people who matter.
I was invited to give my presentation again to store managers up in Kingston/Belleville.
So yes it went well, real well.

I seem to be on a career roll lately and I have been headhunted for a better position elsewhere, outside the company. It is a big deal. At first I thought that the headhunter thought I was inexperienced. But I got a message left on my machine yesterday, while I was away that leads me to believe that I may have a better shot at this job than I thought. We will see tomorrow when I return her call tomorrow.

While I was getting the message off the machine, I replayed a message from the one I love.

Tomorrow, I have an all-day-feel-good-make the bosses think that we think that they are engaging and good bosses meeting. Yes.. We learn nothing and get free lunch and a lovely gift. It's a vest.
Somewhere in this meeting, I have to call the headhunter back.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Tomorrow is going to be a long day. 6 back to back presentations starting at 8:30am to small groups of senior management. OVER and OVER. That is just until 2pm. Then I change and go outiside for outdoor activities. Yay Fun.
That's till 5. Then I rush back to my hotel, check in and come back for dinner at 6, and to host the hospitality room. oh but I can't drink.. I am driving. That goes until 11pm. Then back to the hotel, where I still have to check my e-mails. and sleep.
Thursday, we are expected to make the trek back to work for 9 am.
The lack of sleep I can handle, but the previous day will be mentally exausting.
I plan on driving home by 3 at the latest on Thursday afternoon.
I have a meet on Sunday!!!

PS I want to let it be known that I volunteered to drive home on Wed night but we HAD to spend the money. Heaven forbid I'm out on the roads at midnight and get to sleep in my own bed.
PS#2: Do they think we don't have a life? Well guess what? Yes I do. So does my boss. She is missing the morning session to pick up her daughter at the airport. As she should. Her boss doesn't think so. I will not sacrifice time with the ones I love needlessly and we should not be asked to. I'm waiting for the day they ask me to make that sacrifice. I work to live and to make my life and other's lives better. I do not live to work.

Monday, February 21, 2005


The one piece of my November resolutions that I am strugling with is eating enough veggies.
I knew this one was going to be a slow go, so I'm not detered but I have to keep trying.

So far I've opened up to peppers, spinach and brocoli. All good veggies to start off with. (I'm going after veggies with a low GI index, FYI)
I already liked green and yellow beans.
Before you laugh, this is big progress for me. I used to eat a veggie a week. Going to one a day is a big step and for the most part I'm there.
The next veggie that I'm vowing to try and like, is Tomatos. I like sauce, I like Ketchup, so I should like tomatoes in their raw form. I am going in expecting them to be less sweet since sauce and ketchup have sugars in them.

It's really emabrassing that I disliked so many vegetables for no reason. Now I will try before I talk.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Does this surprise you?

Hear about what happend in the white house breifing room?
Well it seems that if you promise to throw softball pro-bush questions around, they will let just about anyone in. Whenever the shit was hitting the political fan, this guy could be counted on to make the Bush administration look good. As long as he didnt have any clients that needed servicing I guess.
I hope the president feels real safe up there on the press podium with his fancy security working 24/7 to keep him protected. *Note to any would be assasins, pretend to be a right wing-republican and preach the gospel. You can get anywhere*
Makes you wonder huh? If the president had to rewrite the american constitution, would he mention freedom of the press?

ETA: In much less hopeless news, I am the proud owner of a new pair of dress shoes. Now I am getting ready to watch the first NASCAR race of the season. Watch may be a strong word. Generally speaking my lids get tired about halfway through.