Saturday, January 22, 2005

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Another 4 years
So Bush is president again for another 4 years. I feel sorry for the American people that they have to live with a close-minded man in power for the next four years.For all of his talk of building unity, he is the most devisive American leader in history. He and his campaign chose to take the low road on so many ocasions painting democrats as evil & godless, instead of just saying we have different ideas than they do.
This not to say that the democrats were perfect.I feel bad for all of those who worked so hard on the democratic side and brought so many voters into the fold. They failed though, to convince existing voters though, so I blame the democrats as well for not convincing middle America of the pain GB would cause.The democrats gave GB a free ride on 9/11. It happened on his watch and they let it slide. I watched many interviews of evryday Americans telling the reporters that on GB's watch, America hasn't been attacked again, so they feel safe and would vote for him again. They needed to be reminded who was in power on 9/11.
I don't agree that a president must be a great mind. I think he must lead great minds. For this he is failing.
The president also lets religion guide him with a far greater hand than he should. The seperation of church and state are intrenched in US law for a reason and yet at every turn, whether through his action or inaction, he uses religious reasons for driving many of his policy decisions. Sadly, or maybe not if you agree with him, the USA is becoming a Christian country at the exclusion of other religions.
The president also likes to dismiss what he does not understand. He cannot grasp the concept of cultures different than his own, hence his problems in the middle east. He fails to grasp that political systems that are different than his may actually work even as he moves the country on the path of becoming more dictatorial. He's picky and choosy about where he wants his freedom. Does he ever mention the biggest spot of un-freedom in the world, China? No NEVER. They are a huge trading partner, so instead he goes after little ole Cuba.
End of rant
The opinions of this blogger are his own, you have every right to disagree. Just don't let it get personal.

Song: Mercy me, Robert Palmer
Reading: Hominids, Robert Sawyer
Project: Get through the day without falling asleep, then swim
Words of wisdom: So many of our problems are as the result of our overactive imaginations.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

So as some of you may know, I swim with a masters club. Ages 21-101. It pretty fun and we have a world class coach along with a world class pool. The club is so good I drive 25 minutes (in no traffic) to practice.
We swim 4 times a week for an hour and a half. I joined up about 9 years ago and for the first 4 or 5 years, I was dedicated. My focus seemed to shift to my career and I started attending less. As part of my December resolutions (even earlier actually), I decided to refocus my efforts and get back into the swim of things so to speak. I am now swimming 3-4 times a week religiously.

My training has always been sort of lackluster and this time around I've been focusing on a bunch of things...
  • My kicking.. I used to not kick very much and it kept me from breaking through my best times. I am now kicking in practice more, so hopefully that will translate to faster times.
  • My stroke.. My stoke was technically inefficient. I have made great strides to improve it in practice, just little things like doing the full stroke instead of cheating and not completing each stroke.
  • My breathing.. The best way to swim is to maintain consistent breathing. I am training now to breath every 5 strokes which makes me a bilateral breather (good) and works my lungs (also good)
  • ..and finally my attitude. I'm just trying to work hard and follow the workout to the letter. I used to go all out all during workout and it may not have been the best for my training.

Song: How on Earth.. Ron Sexsmith

Reading: Hominids, Robert Sawyer.. It' ssci-fi.. which is unusual, but he is one of Canada's top authors.

Project: Lift if I have the time. Try not to get hit on at my meeting with the suppliers.( Harder than it sounds)

Words of wisdom: It is so important to use money properly to help others, otherwise you will still want more and feel poor.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I dont get a chance to ponder life much.
Usually the thing that makes you ponder it, is it's oposite, death.
I was trying very hard to hold it together. Very hard.
Friday night I got to apreciate life, a loss of sleep, and more importantly love.
Sorry to get all mushy on you.

Please resume your normal activities...
Speaking of..It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to get to work. Damm snow.

Song: Don't Say Goodbye, Paulina Rubbio
Reading: The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle, Joanna Carl- Dont make fun! It's light reading!
Project: Swim, drink water, get my freight rate project done.
Words of wisdom: If someone does not practice religious virtues when times are good, they will be unable to do so when times are bad and faith is more urgently needed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Touque: A French word for a woolen hat.
In Canada a touque is not a fashion statement. It is a necessity.
I wear a pretty plain one. Black.
I'm not proud.. It looks pretty bad on me. It would be worse if it had stripes, or worse a pom-pom.
The problem is, when it's -10 or below, pride goes out the window.
I even own long-johns. The best, thinnest, warmest money can buy.

I have a wool jacket that is warm as well. It's not as warm as a parka, but I have to wear it to work. There is big money, for anyone who can make a dress jacket with the warmth of a high performance winter jacket or parka.

Song: Return of The Mack, Mark Morrison

Reading: The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle, Joanna Carl- Dont make fun! It's light reading!

Project: Lift, try not to get sucked in too much by American Idol, get through a potentially hectic day, handle the day with a little bit of maturity.

Words of wisdom: If motivation is sincere, then there is no problem. But if it's politically motivated, that's something different.

Monday, January 17, 2005

City Bound

I don't live in the city but I work there. I'm thinking that should maybe change next year, 2006.
It would certainly free up my time. I would no longer be tied to my car. My comute could go from an hour each way to 10 or 2o minutes. I would be close to nice shops and restaurants. I could go out ocasionally and have a drink or two and just cab it home rather than having to find a DD or a person to stay with. In the winter, I wouldn't have those cold waits on the train platform where I get frozen down to the bone. I'd save on gas, but have to pay a little more for housing. The condo market is setting up to hit a downturn and if that happens I could stand to wait a little while and get a better place.

There are cons... less square footage of living space, finding a spot for your car and driving to visit the family in the burbs.

The decision may become easier over the spring and summer, but I'm definetly leaning towards the city. On the upside, If I ever do decide to move, my house is pretty much in selling condition, so that is very good. The only major project I have to tackle is to slap a coat of paint on in my upstairs guest room.

A big hello to all the people from SA that have been introduced to me and my blog. It sounds like you are all lekkier people. ( I hope I got that right!)

Song: I Melt, Rascal Flats
Reading: Nelson Mandela's autobiography DONE!
Project: Swim, get through a potentially hectic day, handle the day with a little bit of maturity.
Words of wisdom: Human affection binds us more than any doctrine.