Saturday, January 15, 2005

I have a garage!

In casual conversation I mentioned to someone that I had a garage. They thought this was good..I was indifferent. Why? I was too lazy to get out of my car, open the door, get back in the car, drive it in and then close the door. I also don't think I can get a standard garage door opener as the ceiling is too low.

All of my lazieness came to an end when, for the 4th time this year, I had to chip at my car to crack the layer of ice on top of it. It now goes in the garage every night. It has an added benifet in that it doesn't take as long to warm up in sub-zero temps and it forces me to keep it clean. See, it can't hold my crap and a car.

Friday, January 14, 2005


My shopping list for your boredom and amusement...

Apples, 6 whatever kind looks good
Bananas , 3
Bagged Salad- Spinach
Loaf of rye or pumpernickel
Sliced smoked turkey breast, 8 slices
Lettuce, if it looks fresh
Frozen Chicken
Yougurt, rasp flavour, 8 cups
Liquid Eggs, 1 ctn
Liquid egg whites, 1 ctn
Pizza crust and sauce
Avacodo pear... I will try it.
Ignite frozen dinners, 2
A bottle of red.

As it turns out.. my fridge/freezer is pretty bare. I got a pretty big surprise this week as well when I opened up my pay stub and found 200$ LESS!!!. It's a new year of taxes and you have to contribute anew. By May, my pay will increase back up to the old levels. I didn't want to dip into the demand loan again, so instead I dipped into my vacation fund and pulled 100$, which should pay for the groceries and the dry-cleaning ransom.

PS: I hope your arm is ok (Only one of you will get this.)

Song: Breathless, The Coors
Reading: Nelson Mandela's autobiography ( allmost halfway, pg 301). This may be under everyone's tree next year.
Project: Swim, try and make my computer keyboard ergonamicaly correct, handle the day with a little bit of maturity.
Words of wisdom: Everyday activity can be destructive if motivations are not sincere and compassionate.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Clean up..

My mood has improved considerably.
I went swimming last night and worked out some tension on someones advice. Excersise does help.

Its warm here. 10 degrees at 9am!. Sunny too. Makes for a nice morning, even if the Go Train was late by 15 minutes.

Nelson Mandela's Bio is the most inspiring thing I've read in a long time. I understand why people hold him in such reverance.

I urge everyone to give what they can to the Tsunami relief efforts. Some of these people lost everything. If you have to give up your desires for a while, it's a small price to pay in comparison. Read my words of wisdom.

UPDATE: The passport office was busy but I got through it in just over an hour. It's amazing how many people come in looking for a passport mere hours before the flight or can't understand why they cannot travel on an expired passport.
I am also up to page 257 of the bio now.

Song: Eternal Flame, Bangles
Reading: Nelson Mandela's autobiography ( really good so far, pg 227)
Project: Lift, visit the passport office ( yesterday it didn't get done), handle the day with a little bit of maturity.
Words of wisdom: Each induvidual has an opportunity to make a difference.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Knee deep in winter.

It's the heart of winter. If you can make it through the next 6-8 weeks you should be through the worst of it.
Certain things will test your reslove..
The wind whipping at you while you pump gas, as time slows down
The chill hitting you so deep you start to hunch over and your back aches.
On the coldest days, the train WILL be late.
Your shoes will get ruined, its a given.

Song: none today
Reading: Nelson Mandela's autobiography ( really good so far, pg 153)
Project: Swim, visit the passport office, handle the day with a little bit of maturity.
Words of wisdom: Compassion also means loving enemies as well as friends, which isn't easy.

Change is good.

I think most of the changes that I've made in my life have been good ones.
I believe I'm happier and just a better person overall.
I visited the folks on Sunday. They noticed a change in me and were a bit shocked at all the stuff I did to streamline my life. I came to realize that they... do not like change. They would much rather me be stuck in a rut. In some ways they liked the less-happier Mike more. Unhappy themselves? perhaps.
They also don't like to think of me as an adult who makes his own choices and mistakes. In some ways they like to see me as a problem to be solved.
I'm a bit saddened by it all that they can't share in my happiness.

Song: none today
Reading: Nelson Mandela's autobiography ( really good so far, pg 103)
Project: Lift, handle the day with a little bit of maturity.
Words of wisdom: Compassion can heal not only inner anger, but the world's violence.

Monday, January 10, 2005


It seems like I have been runing marathons lately. I am tired and I look it. People have said so.
The next thing that they say is I'm not eating enough, which is also probably true. I will eat more starting today. This could also be why I'm so slow trying to put on muscle... I burn it off cause I don't eat enough.

Work is heading into the silly season and this is my first full week. Bosses go nuts, staff get sick, days are dreary & I try to maintain my sanity. I just feel run down and worn out. It makes me question everything about my life..relationships.. work.. finances. I get the desire to cocoon up in my house every night and do nothing but eat cereal and watch TV. I am going to assume that the way I felt last week & last month is the way I should feel. Happy, sane, full of love and love for life. The crazieness will pass.

Song: Vertigo, U2
Reading: Nelson Mandela's autobiography ( really good so far, pg 33)
Project: Go swimming, no matter how much I dont want to.
Words of wisdom: The deeper human nature needs to breathe the precious air of liberty.