Saturday, January 08, 2005

Things I have learned...

When you are in love, the songs on the radio do mean something.
I have learned that if you hold off going out to get the paper.. it will start snowing.
I have learned I don't miss my books one bit.
I have learned I don't miss my casual clothes that I never wore one bit.
I have learned that Love makes Mike a wee bit emotional.
I have learned that I cannot drink very much without getting drunk regardless of how much I practice.
I have learned to like brocolli.

Song: Lullaby, Lemar
Reading: Nelson Mandela's autobiography
Project: Groceries.. Hair... book store( to get above book).... a talk on the phone.. telling my parents how much I love them
No words of wisdom today.. just think of those with less than we have.

Friday, January 07, 2005


Dreamimg, dreaming, dreaming...

I've been dreaming about a place,
where I can watch you smile as you let sunlight hit your face.
Sing if you're happy,
cry if you're blue,
eat if you're hungry,
love if you're true.

But baby there's heartache,
roaming this world,
Something has gotten hold of us,
and baby we all hurt,
We all try to fight it and sometimes we win.
As long as you're dreaming, you're not giving in.

Song of the day: Dreaming, I Dream
Reading: Quicksilver, Neil Stephenson
Project: Team outing, It's a pottery thing.. yeah, lame...Visit my nephew.
Words of Wisdom: Develop compassion for your enemies, that is genuine compassion. Limited compassion cannot produce this altruisim

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Resolutions.. Reloaded.
Recycled and modified for your enjoyment...

1) Eat a vegie a day ...some progress
2) Eat a fruit a day ... very good progress
3) Buy no more hardcover books, soft are cheaper and it will teach me patience. ..very good progress, been 6 weeks
4) Work out 6 days a week. ..very good progress, been 6 weeks
5) Buy no more casual clothes. I have a closets full for three days a week....very good progress, none bought
6) Realize possessions are meaningless. ...some progress
7) Find love. Well that may have already been found. More April. I realize I'm being with it.
8) Pay down that damm mortgage. I owe $50,000 in interest alone... If $4.50 counts, then progress
9) Eat no more raw cookie dough or brownie batter. I'm an adult for gods sake. ... dough free 6 weeks.
10) Take care of myself. Quit beating myself up when I'm not perfect. ...much better in the past few days
11) Drink more water. ...a recent far so good

Song of the day: I Will Talk & Hollywood Will Listen, Robbie Williams
Reading: Quicksilver, Neil Stephenson
Project: work..lift..Find passport office.
Words of Wisdom: Develop compassion for your enemies, that is genuine compassion. Limited compassion cannot produce this altruisim

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Round up...
Lots of different weird things going on at work today..lots of meetings...lots of actually work.
A few panicky bosses too!. Gotta love that.
I also got to flex my temper this morning, which I haven't done in a while.
The boss asked for us to start thinking about booking vacations for April onwards. Unfortunately, life is not working out in such a way that I can plan these things. It's exciting and I wouldn't change it for the life, that is, and the people currently in it.

Song of the day: Just a Little, Liberty X
Reading: Quicksilver, Neil Stephenson
Project: work...swim.. get that passport signed!
Words of Wisdom: True enlightenment is nothing but the nature of one's self being fully realized.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Saint Mike

I try to act like a Saint. Superman, Mr. Perfect. I beat myself up when I'm not.
I don't expect others to be perfect. I love people flaws and all. They love me, flaws and all, as well. Bout time I smartened up and realized it. We all have our induvidual strenghths and weaknesses. I need to apreciate that my weaknesses make me human and add to my character.

Song of the day: Don't Worry, Appleton (a repeat but it fits today)
Reading: Quicksilver, Neil Stephenson
Project: work..lift..sleep & enjoy the pretty good life that I have.
Words of Wisdom: Quit trying to hold your self to the perfect ideal.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Ho... Hum
It was a pretty boring day at my house.
I have been productive though... I bought the new 2004 tax software and did my taxes(rough form)...all by 9 am... 1000$ back, which will pay for most of my car insurance. (I like it this way)
Books are boxed many as I can get boxed up..ran out of boxes. I dropped them off. 3 more boxes to find a home for.

I have to go to my parents and take care of the trash sometime early this evening before swim practice.

Song of the day: Don't Worry, Appleton
Reading: Quicksilver, Neil Stephenson
Project: Enjoy my day..swim, chores for the folks, pack books in car.
Words of Wisdom: Both science and the teachings of the Buddha tell us of the fundamental unity of all beings. or Ex Unitate Vires

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Wow. Spooky
I normally do not go in for this sort of thing but I had some me time today and read the paper from start to finish

VIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
The mirror never lies You're reputed to be neat, precise, methodical and kinda prissy. I read once that Virgo is a whore in a mink coat, but relax, relax -- it means there's more to you than meets the eye. Yes, you like neat. But you're an earthy, passionate sign! You're caring, altruistic, honest, practical and willing to help. You're efficient, health-conscious and very persuasive. You have an encyclopedic mind and an impulse to organize chaos. (And you spend more on vitamins then anyone I know.) You're going to look younger than everyone else because you take care of yourself. What's to worry?
This is my life
Right now, you're dealing with something you've never felt before. Uranus is making an opposition to your sign from 2004 to 2011. This threatens shaky partnerships. Why? Because you want to escape from anything that is routine or boring. It's the classic time to seek excitement and escape by nibbling forbidden bonbons. (Naughty, naughty.)
The tantalizing future
This is a fortunate year for you. You're going to earn more money. Not only will you gain wealth through increased earnings and assets, in the bigger picture you'll attract whatever you value. (Ideas, spirituality, money, possessions, a regular massage at a spa?)
You'll also give thought to how to use what you have, and get the most out of it. You want to own your possessions; you don't want your possessions to own you. It's a good year to buy things for investment or for your own enjoyment.
Meanwhile, back in the closet, you're going through possessions and getting rid of stuff. (New stuff is arriving!) You're streamlining your life this year and next to prepare for something entirely new in 2007.
Virgo and money
You keep track of your money. You spend a lot on vitamins, retreats, courses, and anything that helps you become a better, more wholesome person. You believe in investing in yourself. (In fact, you find it easier to commit to your career than to a relationship.) Money is your hedge against uncertainty and catastrophe. You value your independence. And you know how to live well on less. You do your research before you shop. This year you'll earn more money, and spend more as well! Start figuring out how it's going to happen because the stars are in place!
Virgo and sex
First off, forget the Virgo the Virgin bit. This, you ain't. You're a passionate Earth sign, though you are fastidious. Anything that starts off together in the shower is promising. In turn, you'll have fresh sheets, dim lights (or none), soft music and the phone will be disconnected. When it comes to details, you're correctimundo! From 2004 to 2011, wild, wacky Uranus opposes your sign. This will introduce you to unusual characters. You'll explore unconventional relationships. Shaky partnerships will be history. Plus you're dabbling with kinky never-tried-this-before experiences.
My mantra for 2005
I use my money to improve my life as well as the lives of others.

Bad Morning..but could be far worse.
I woke up late. My bad. Made my usual breaky, with a close eye to the clock... swimming...gotta leave at 8:30.My mind was on other things..big ideas, world issues, the suffering of others. I'm a problem solver by nature, I was trying to solve these problems in my head. In my haste and my absent mindedness, I dumped the plate of eggs all over the floor.

Eggs far, eggs wide.I had to start all over agian.

As I scarfed down breakfast, I was reading in the paper on how the Canadian government agreed to match any private donations made to the releif efforts. Some Americans.. are donating to the Canadian agencies to help maximize the funds.
I finish breakfast, put my bathing suit on in the kitchen to save time and then rushed out the door only to almost slip and fall on my very icey steps. It turns out that rain that was out there is in fact freezing rain. I turned around an came back in, after I salted.

Song of the day: Surfer Babe, McFly
Current Reading: Quicksilver, Neil Stephenson
Project: Enjoy my day..think of a b-day pres for my nephew.
Words of Wisdom: Both science and the teachings of the Buddha tell us of the fundamental unity of all beings. or Ex Unitate Vires