Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas...

Dateline, Christmas morning. I
I went to the folks house and we had a traditional dinner of chinese food & then watched football.
My mom was surprised with her gits of a new flat screen tv. I got a gift card to Ikea & Best Buy, for a chair and DVD set respectively. I also got socks...well needed I might add. I will also let it be known that I told the family I didn't need anything and they did not have to buy my anything. They bought less than usual. It's a start I suppose, next year will be better.

Today I'm heading to my brother's house up north for the afternoon.

Happy holidays to all my friends!

Song of the day: I believe in Father Christmas, Greg Lake
Current Reading: State of Fear, Michael Crichton
Project: Turkey
Words of Wisdom: The purpose of religion is to strengthen the caring side of the heart.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Another day another dollar. Ok a half day.
Just so you know.... last night when I got to the parking lot, my car was covered in a thick layer of ice. It took me ten minutes to get the passenger side door open, 20 minutes to thaw the front windshield and 10 minutes to get home. Then I got to spend another 20 minutes chipping the ice off my driveway. The driveway is only 1/3 free of ice.

Starting on the 28th, the temps start rising, so I may just choose to wait it out.

Song of the day: Crashed the Wedding, Busted
Current Reading: State of Fear, Michael Crichton
Project: passport photo
Words of Wisdom: The purpose of religion is to strengthen the caring side of the heart.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Aches & Pains

My shoulder is hurting a wee bit due to the lifting and swimming I've doing over the past three weeks. Luckily over Christmas, the pool is closed a fair bit. My next practice is not until Monday.

Toronto got dumped on this morning, snow wise. As I type this we have freezing rain. Later this afternoon, snow. I was forced into wearing my circa 1984 cougar boots. You know the ones I mean, yellowy orange?

I took the train this morning and while I showed up on time, the train crew was late. All trains were 20 minutes behind, but it worked out since trains run every 20 minutes.

I'm posting a little more lately as the boring work I'm doing requires me to sit and wait a few minutes in between runs. Maybe I can work on my passport application as well.

Song of the day: Volare, Dean Martin
Current Reading: State of Fear, Michael Crichton
Project: Passport & RRSP paperwork
Words of Wisdom: The purpose of religion is to strengthen the caring side of the heart.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Oops I did it again.
I made a co-worker look bad. Didn't mean to.
Can I help it if I'm overly efficient and can forsee problems? It's my job after all.

At this time of year it is especially hard to be motivated at work. We are in a holding pattern. The suppliers are so busy that they work through problems that they would normally call me about.The stores are way to busy to call, The senior directors and Vp's are visiting stores.

This is the time to put your mind to solving the larger problems of the business and planning for the coming year.The problem is that it's boring. I'm better than most and try to work ahead and put my nose to the grindstone. I have a list of things to do, all more boring than the one before. When filing is the most exciting thing you have to do, you know you are in trouble.

At home, I have similar problems but my recent burst of energy has made me motivated to do these things. I'm filing all my paperwork for the year and getting my tax stuff ready.
The major task that I have to do is renew my passport. It's a major task that involves getting a very precise picture taken and then getting signatures of every person you have ever known on the from then send the forms, the pictures and all of your ID off to the government. When do you get the actual passport and the documents back? 6 weeks, maybe 10. Don't ask or else it will be delayed even more.

I'm still unsure about if I'm going to Ireland. I'm waiting for highwaygirl to set a few things up and come up with a cost estimate. I started taking 200$ off each pay check and depositing it into a hard-to-get-to account. After a year? 5200$. What I don't spend on vacation will pay down the mortgage.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Early resolutions Part II

In an effort to stay on top of my December resolutions, I ripped apart my casual clothes closet and put aside 3 full green garbage bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill.
You can actually see all the clothes now so I am quite proud of myself. My goal is to get down to one closet by April. The first step was easy cause I just gave away anything not worn in 2 years. I just touched the tops by the way. I still have pants & work clothes to do. Maybe on Boxing Day. I have two closets. I want one to be empty. Symbolic? Maybe.

I did pay down a tiny amount on my mortgage last night. 8$. I like to keep the principle at round numbers. It’s at something like 168,000$ now. It’s a start. This is a longer term project obviously.

I worked out for ½ an hour and got in just over a mile. It’s a light workout for me but I made the effort and went out. I swim heavier distances on Wed, Fri & Sundays.

At lunch yesterday, I had a green pepper omelet and a banana/strawberry/raspberry smoothie, which I will count as a fruit serving.

If you compare Highwaygirl’s posts and mine, you will notice a similar thread running through her topics. What can I say? We share a brain. She will back me up on this. We came to this each in our own ways but pretty much at the same time.
I just came to the realization that I was tied to my current life a little bit more than I wanted to be. Can I jet off at a moments notice? No. Can I chuck everything for the simple life? No. My stuff and my preconceived notions about my adult life are weighing me down. Time to lose some baggage. It starts with working on what’s important to me. Everything else is just stuff.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Early resolutions...

1) Eat a vegie a day
2) Eat a fruit a day
3) Buy no more hardcover books, soft are cheaper and it will teach me patience.
4) Work out 6 days a week.
5) Buy no more casual clothes. I have a closets full for three days a week.
6) Realize possessions are meaningless.
7) Find love. Well that may have already been found. More later...
8) Pay down that damm mortgage. I owe $50,000 in interest alone.
9) Eat no more raw cookie dough or brownie batter. I'm an adult for gods sake.
10) Take care of myself.